Earth Core Spin Cycle for Geo Thermal Launching of Rockets into Space

Lance Winslow
filed under "Science"

We know that the Earth is not completely round, by observing the terrain and measuring the circumference at the equator and from pole to pole. We know that the moon is not round and we can be pretty certain that the Earth’s core is not round. Scientists have determined that the core is moving around faster than the Earth. Every four hundred years the core makes an additional revolution to the Earth’s number of revolutions. Since the core moves faster and is not round and since the cavity in the Earth’s center is most likely not symmetrical, it stands to reason that as the lumps or bumps in the Earth’s core comes around, it will effect the inside cavity as it bumps, causes friction or scrapes the inside of the Earth’s center cavity, which is said to be filled with very hot material due to the friction of the spinning core. These friction areas will have supreme pressure build ups, which can be timed and we can use this information to our advantage.

Now then I propose we map the periods of regional pressure, drill holes and cap them off at a certain depth. Then I propose that we send down capsules we wish to send into space and lower them down the hole. Then open up the hole and use this pressure to blast our cargo into space. Imagine the capsule blasting into space thru the atmosphere using geo-thermal power and why not, it is energy and a heck of a lot more than we can muster and it is there all the time waiting for us. We can use this and time it correctly to shoot down a comet, asteroid, launch to Mars, the Moon or deliver supplies to the ISS or even simply to send satellites into space. Think on this Sci Fi, thought, it could work?

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